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Office Master Chairs - Best Seat in the House 

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Office Master chairs feature multi-task ergonomic functionality to fit your busy work style. From executive seating to work stools, OM chairs offer excellent ergonomic fit at an affordable price.

This is an ergonomic chair you can  trust.

It's there with you from your first cup of coffee to the end of a project.

A good computer chair should properly fit your body and provide you with the necessary adjustments to stay productive and comfortable. These are some of our most popular ergonomic office chairs in the world!

Office Master 'Smart Seating' is a factory that works very hard to produce award winning mid-market ergonomic office seating, from laboratory and medical stools, heavy duty seating all the way up to executive.

Its body-activated motion feature means that you can find that sitting sweet spot without all of the usual complex under seat knobs and levers.

The ultra supportive is there for your lumbar needs, making sure you don't strain your back even during the most strenuous work day. 

Their focus is on wellness coupled with a competitive price point. Office Master chairs include a warranty and in depth product specialization seldom found elsewhere. 

The search for the perfect ergonomically efficient chair is over with the introduction of the Ergonomic Chair by Office Master.

Below is a videos on Office Master chairs we believe you will enjoy watching, and we invite you to take advantage of our free consultation. 

Business week charis

Business Week reported that Office Master
is a "recommended choice of occupational
therapists and ergonomic experts." 

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